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Tobias Preisig
Tobias Preisig

09.09.10 NBI/ Kulturbrauerei 23:00

Photo © Tobias Preis/Obliqsound
There are still people who believe that the violin is out of place in jazz. Preisig offers a virtuoso rebuttal of this prejudice: in his hands, the violin becomes an expressive jazz instrument par excellence.

This exceptional young violinist released his first CD with the small but illustrious New York label ObliqSound, and that is a strong recommendation for him and for his band, drawn as it is from the leading lights of young Swiss jazz:

Stefan Rusconi, André Pousaz and Michi Stulz. With this album, Tobias Preisig has impressed his label and delighted his audiences and the press in equal measure, and brought the violin back into jazz. Numerous appearances in Switzerland and in Berlin and Paris demonstrate the appeal of this outstanding musician.

Violinist Tobias Preisig and his quartet play passionate and melodious music that oscillates between melancholy and euphoria. Pianist Stefan Rusconi works sublime magic with tone colours, telepathically harmonising with Preisig. André Pousaz (bass) and Michi Stulz (percussion) give each groove the right vibe: now softly pulsating, now flexibly but forcefully driving forward. Preisig has made his band into a flexible ensemble with an impressive spectrum of moods ranging from meditative quiet to explosive eruption. This band does more than hypnotise its audience; it can cut the ground from under its feet.

"Violinist Tobias Preisig, who introduced his quartet at the Freiburg Jazz Congress, deserves acclaim. (…)"Preisig brings a compelling drive to his performance, using inventive bowing techniques to coax new sounds from his violin."
Reiner Kobe, Badische Zeitung, May 12, 2010

"Jazz and violin? Of course. Especially if you play like Tobias Preisig."
Christoph Giese, Jazzthing Mar/Apr 10

"Hardly anyone plays jazz so delicately as he does."
Christoph Merki, Tages-Anzeiger, March 30, 2010

"Preisig succeeds too, on 'Flowing Mood', in creating a stylistic profile of his own. Often, he starts out from an underlying mood of elegiac melancholy, which the band's sensitive ensemble playing draws out into a melodramatic arc of tension."
Ueli Bernays, NZZ, March 31, 2010

"In quartet with pianist Stefan Rusconi, bassist André Pousaz and percussionist Michi Stulz, he [Tobias Preisig] presents an album that makes its mark with precision, controlled dynamics and a wealth of different timbres." Manfred Papst, NZZ am Sonntag, April 18, 2010

"The 28-year-old Swiss jazz violinist has found his musical voice, and his 'Flowing Mood' is a highly promising debut album"
Stefan Künzli, AZ Sonntag, March 28, 2010

"The compositions flow into one another almost as if in a dream and merge into an atmosphere that is appositely expressed by 'Flowing Mood'. (…) High above all soars the oscillating violin of Tobias Preisig, who has mastered the art of bringing an instrument seldom heard in jazz into concord with the acoustic rhythm section."
Pirmin Bossart, JAZZ’N’MORE 3/2010


Tobias Preisig (violin)
Stefan Rusconi (piano)
André Pousaz (bass)
Michi Stulz (drums)

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